Wine Is Healthy

Uncork This Savoury Elixir of Life

Since the 17th century the children at Weinmesserhof have been born with a great understanding of wine; this natural feel for handling wine has been passed from one generation to the next. Being born into a wine farming family, I learnt already in early years all there is to know about work on a vineyard and wine production and I came to appreciate and love it. In our family the highlight of the year was the harvest of the grapes and the subsequent pressing.”
Christian Kohlgruber, host and certified sommelier

Wine is healthy. Already the Greeks and the Romans knew this fact to be true and and many studies have proven the same. Wine and health do not exclude each other – on the contrary. Especially red wine is known to have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. The moderate consumption of wine is believed to benefit heart and blood vessels and prevent related illnesses. This is due to the miraculous substance resveratrol, contained in red wine berries, which has beneficial effects on the digestion tract, reduces stress, prevents cancer, increases endurance and prolongs life expectancy. Short: wine is healthy and far more than just a luxury drink. And: wine makes you happy. When consumed in moderation, wine slows down the decomposition of the happiness hormone serotonin and thus: wine is healthy and literally good for the spirit. This is exactly the reason why wine and grapes are applied in all areas of Der Weinmesser. We give the precious juice the respect it deserves, as an elixir which combines flavours, wellness and health.

Already Hippocrates advised: let food be thy medicine. We are happy to follow this philosophy together with you during your gourmet holiday in Scena/Schenna. Wine fosters health.