Vinotherapy – A Holistic Health Concept

More than a Nine Days’ Wonder

Vinotherapy has been en vogue for centuries. Already Hippocrates knew that there is much more to the grape than one may presume at first glance. So he treated fever and stomach diseases with wine. In the Middle Ages grape seed oil was especially popular among the upper class because it was known to soften the skin and create a radiant complexion. So it is hardly a surprise that the beauty and health industry rediscovered Vinotherapy in the early 90s. The French scientist Serge Renaud learnt that polyphenol, which is contained in the grape seed, has a positive effect on health. He found out that the contained vitamins, minerals, fruit acids and trace elements as well as the so-called oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC), which protect against cell damages, make the grape a powerful anti-aging weapon.

Vinotherapy focuses on two areas: outer and inner application. Natural cosmetics use the substances contained in grape seed, peel, juice and residue for baths, peelings, wraps and massages with the purpose to foster beauty, health and wellbeing. The outer application is supplemented by a matching nutrition: grape seed oil and grape seed flower make for excellent meals. The good news for all wine lovers: the occasional glass of red wine is part of a successful treatment.

Vinotherapy, or Wine Therapy, stimulates blood flow, circulation and metabolism, strengthens the immune system and creates a smooth skin. Enjoy this unique treatment in Der Weinmesser!