2 in 1: Wine & Care in Der Weinmesser

First-Class Vinoble Treatments

Vinoble is the name of the company combining wine and care. Their exclusive product line uses a special extract which, as opposed to regular grape seed extracts, contains up to 95% of OPC, the popular antioxidant contained in grapes. This substance, which is outstandingly high in quality, is produced by only one company worldwide.

At our 4-star S hotel in Scena/Schenna, we also use products from TEAM DR JOSEPH – Hightech Natural Cosmetics, which stands for a new, innovative skincare method. Certified organic products with unique quality combine cosmetics, technology, nature, and aesthetics for a noticeable and immediate effect. At the same time, these first-class products ensure a sustainable, respectful approach to nature, which is so close to our hearts.

Wine and care complement each other perfectly at Der Weinmesser. According to our concept, we offer you numerous treatments with Vinoble grape cosmetics in combination with high-quality, high-tech natural cosmetics from TEAM DR JOSEPH, thus guaranteeing you the highest quality and unlimited well-being. Lean back and enjoy!

Vinoble Treatments Body

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Purifying peel made out of grape seeds and sea salt from the Dead Sea which thoroughly cleanses the skin. Then the precious grape seed oil is applied; the rich unsaturated fatty acids contained in the cold-pressed grape seed oil nourishes and revives the entire body. Wine care par excellence!

This peeling made of sea salt and grape seed peels off dead skin; the reviving full body massage stimulates the circulation. This makes for an optimal absorption of the natural oil made of Zweigelt grape seeds and ultimately a lush body sensation and soft skin.

This exclusive wine bath starts with a sea salt & grape seed peeling. Then you soak up the rich and nourishing nutrients contained in the Vinoble Barrique wine bath for optimal care. While relaxing in the tub, you enjoy a glass of red wine or grape juice. After the bath you are in for yet one more treat: a partial massage with grape seed oil.

The active ingredients deriving from grape seed extract, rose bud water, aloe vera, red vine leaf and oak bark make of this wine bath a lush grooming experience for your skin – a glass of red wine or grape juice alongside and you are all set for feeling revived and nourished.

First we prepare your skin with a special peeling. Then you receive a massage with a Sauvignon grape serum and one layer of tightening grape body cream. The modellage is especially beneficial for problem areas; the skin is visibly improved, already after the first application: wine care de luxe!

Eliminate tissue waste with this body wrap using essential aromatic oils, which is applied according to a special wrap technique, matching the individual needs of your skin. This Vinoble basic body wrap reduces cellulite, firms your skin and slims your figure!

The effective cellulite programme
3 x Vinoble essence wrap
3 x 50 min. 186.00 Euro

This body wrap increases the circulation, detoxes and tightens the skin. A freshly prepared mix of grape residue, grape seed oil, grape body cream and many more active ingredients, is applied onto the entire body in a circular way. The special wrapping technique increases the beneficial effect. You leave with firm and radiant skin.

Vinoble Treatments Face

This highly effective, anabolic anti-aging facial ampoule prevents premature skin aging and gives your skin new energy. 

This facial treatment is individually adapted to the needs of your skin and ensures firm contours and a younger appearance.

Deep cleansing, peel, eyebrow shaping, relaxing massage with active ingredient ampoule, pro-youth lifting mask, eye care, and final application of a day cream.

This wine care nourishes the skin with a peeling, a deep cleanse, a massage and a facial mask, leaving you radiant and glowing.

1 mask, 2 functions: to firm and to calm. After the basic treatment, your skin receives a precious facial mask made of grape seed flower, healing clay and a magical moisturising elixir. The combination of the exclusive substances stimulates the circulation and increases the healing process of the skin.

A special mask with active ingredients is applied onto your skin, leaving you visibly refreshed and revitalised. This extraordinary care firms your skin due to its nourishing effect. In a final step your skin is pampered with the optimal moisturiser made out of grapes and wine.

This wine treatment is designed for the male skin and aims to support and increase the energy of the skin with a peeling, a deep cleanse, a massage and a mask.

Vinoble Massages

This wine treatment goes into the depth of things. Along the meridians, warm grape seed oil is massaged into the skin. Both hands as well as warm grape seed bags are used to massage, brush out and model the tissue, activating the meridians, gently balancing the energies in your body. The result is a re-energised and deeply relaxed body.

Selected areas of the body are massaged in a gentle way. This massage is proven to reduce stress and tension.

An energising massage for the entire body, stimulating the whole body, from the finger tips to your toes. The energy is gently brought back to its natural balance.

A treatment designed especially for your back, leaving your spinal area relaxed and at ease. Our back resonance with its heat and gentle massage techniques is highly soothing. It includes the well-established technique of cupping, relieving you gently of all tension and pain.

Rose quartz is the stone of the heart and represents love; it has a harmonising and balancing effect. The rose quartz massage for your back lightens your spirit, solves blockades and tensions and leaves you feeling deeply relaxed.

This relaxing massage will help you reduce stress and with its slow and rhythmical movements take you straight to a state of relaxation. The tender touch relieves tensions and your body, mind and spirit will experience a state of calm and relaxation.

Special treatment in case of stress. Neck tensions are relieved, the mind quiets down and deep relaxation sets in.

The healing energy of the stones is used to create a harmony of body and mind. The combination of a deeply relaxing massage and the effect of the warm basalt stones and precious essential oils will leave you feeling at peace and vibrantly beautiful: your life energy will flow!

This revitalising massage refreshes tired feet and relieves tensions in the back area. Tired feet will be warm and fit again and blockages in your back disappear. Body and mind relax and you will feel newly energised.

Hand and Foot Care

A moisturising and nourishing treatment for your hands and nails, concluded with a relaxing hand massage.

With French polish 52.00 euros

Treat yourself to a soothing care treatment for your feet and nails, concluded with a refreshing foot massage.

With French polish 58.00 euros
Polish 6.00 euros

Whole leg 40,00 euro
Lower leg 25,00 euro
Bikini zone 15,00 euro
Armpits 15,00 euro
Upper lip9,00 euro
Upper lip and chin10,00 euro
Arms 20,00 euro
Men: chest and stomache 25,00 euro

Beauty Package Deals

Peeling incl. full body massage
Sauvignon treatment – Anti-Aging treatment

Partial massage
Full body peeling with sea salt and grape seeds

Antistress massage
Sauvignon facial treatment

Peeling and full body massage – for a smooth and silky skin

Lymphatic drainage
Body wrap
Revitalising facial treatment

Full body massage with grape oil
Facial care for him

Peeling and full body massage

TEAM DR JOSEPH – Hightech Natural Cosmetics

Feel-good treatment with warm, moist herbal steam compresses, a gentle lymph-stimulating massage, peeling, cleansing with cupping glasses, and deep cleansing. This is followed by a tonifying face pack, peel-off mask and skin-specific care. For a vital radiance and a fresh complexion.

Comprehensive pampering programme for the skin with skin diagnostics, eyebrow shaping, lymph-stimulating massage, herbal steam compresses, peeling, deep cleansing with cupping glasses, special serum, modulated facial massage, intensive mask, and a final individual facial care. For healthy and well-cared for skin.

Unique beauty treatment with skin diagnostics, eyebrow shaping, lymph-stimulating massage, herbal steam compresses, peeling, deep cleansing with cupping glasses, special serum, bio-energetic pistil lifting massage, intensive mask, and tailor-made day care as well as stabilisation. Best results and lasting effect.

Natural, powerful, and effective programme for him: skin diagnostics, lymph-stimulating massage, herbal steam compresses, peeling, deep cleansing, special serum, intensive mask with facial massage, and finally an individual day care. High-tech from nature for the well-groomed man of today. 

A head, face, and neck massage that relieves headaches and tension. The relaxing pampering treatment for people with a lot on their mind.

  • Intensive cleansing facial treatment
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Chill-out Massage

  • Deeply effective beauty care
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Anti-stress massage 

  • Intensive treatment with biodynamic lifting 
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Chill-out massage 
  • Vital massage

  • Express Power Lifting for Men 
  • Pedicure
  • Sea salt grape seed full body peeling
  • Vital massage