2 in 1: Wine & Care in Der Weinmesser

First-Class Vinoble Treatments

Vinoble is the name of the company combining wine and care. Their exclusive product line uses a special extract which, as opposed to regular grape seed extracts, contains up to 95% of OPC, the popular antioxidant contained in grapes. This substance, which is outstandingly high in quality, is produced by only one company worldwide.

At our 4-star S hotel in Scena/Schenna, we also use products from TEAM DR JOSEPH – Hightech Natural Cosmetics, which stands for a new, innovative skincare method. Certified organic products with unique quality combine cosmetics, technology, nature, and aesthetics for a noticeable and immediate effect. At the same time, these first-class products ensure a sustainable, respectful approach to nature, which is so close to our hearts.

Wine and care complement each other perfectly at Der Weinmesser. According to our concept, we offer you numerous treatments with Vinoble grape cosmetics in combination with high-quality, high-tech natural cosmetics from TEAM DR JOSEPH, thus guaranteeing you the highest quality and unlimited well-being. Lean back and enjoy!

Vinoble Treatments Body

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