Culinary Delicacies Topped with a Glass of Fine Wine from South Tyrol

Brace Yourself for the Ultimate Gourmet Experience

Wine in South Tyrol is there to be enjoyed and relished. For already 15 years we, my husband Christian and I, share a passion for wines from all over the world. The highlight of our work together was to open the 1st Wine Hotel in South Tyrol. Presenting our guests the finest wines day in and day out, helping them get a feel for wine and seeing how they delight in having the wine match the exquisite meals, simply makes me happy. We hold a number of international wines, but we also enjoy discovering wines from South Tyrol. We are simply glad to take you away into a multifaceted gourmet world.”
Doris Kohlgruber, host and certified sommelière

Wines in South Tyrol elegantly lead the way and true gourmets follow. In Der Weinmesser, surrounded by alpine charm and Mediterranean passion and joie de vivre, we hold wine in very high esteem. Wine tastings, wine seminars, vineyard walks, cellar visits, wine tours, Dine & Wine – you name it, we have it on our weekly highlight programme created by us, your hosts, with much love and care.

Taste our culinary delights and our perfectly matching fine wines from South Tyrol and the whole world – taste our collection of rare drops!