Rum Tasting: Take off and Travel to a New World

Discover a New Palette of Flavours in Der Weinmesser

Embark on a rum tasting journey and enter a world of culinary delights.

Delicious rum is produced around the globe and gourmets have long discovered its exquisite flavour. Try the acclaimed rum tasting in Der Weinmesser and unravel these spicy, sweet, smokey and earthy notes for yourself with our wide over 100 rums from all over the world and find your personal favourite.

Christian Kohlgruber does not only celebrate his passion for wine in Der Weinmesser, but also gladly shares his passion for wine with you. During the rum tastings he will answer all of your questions, magically creating moments of pure delight and revealing the many facets of rum.

Matching the glass of rum, we also offer a fine selection of cigars, which are stored in our humidor, guaranteeing highest quality and most intense flavours. For true gentlemen and ladies, there might be no better way to end your day in Der Weinmesser.