Merano/Meran: Sights to Remember

The Most Beautiful Locations in South Tyrol

Merano/Meran offers sights en masse. For you we have created a list of the most beautiful and worthwhile locations!

Visit the number 1 of all South Tyrolean sights! On 12 hectares you find about 80 scented garden landscapes, organised just like in an amphitheatre. Above the gardens thrones Trauttmansdorff Castle, former holiday domicile of Queen Sissi. Furthermore it is home to the Touriseum, the South Tyrolean museum of tourism.

The region around our hotel holds numerous castles and forts, offering an exciting journey to history, such as Schenna Castle, Tyrol Castle with the South Tyrolean museum of culture and history, and Katzenzungen Castle in Prissiano/Prissian, home to the probably oldest vine in Europe.

The grand buildings are among the must-sees when in Merano/Meran. Colourful events – from theatres over concerts to wine festivals are hosted here regularly. 

Already since the 30s, this horse race-track counts itself a major sight in Merano/Meran – a crowd-puller, especially during the legendary Merano Grand Prix, organised yearly.

The idyllic promenades and historic “Waal”-walks, paths along ancient field irrigation systems, define the image of the spa town Merano and its surroundings and are ideal for romantic walks – South Tyrolean sights with a view!

The museum with the sensational find Ötzi, “the man from the Ice”, is located in the regional capital Bolzano/Bozen, about 25 km from Merano/Meran. An absolute must-see when holidaying in South Tyrol!

The mountaineer Reinhold Messner is the “father” of these six museums, each dedicated to the central theme “mountain”. The museums Juval near Naturno/Naturns, Ortles in Solda/Sulden, Firmian in Bolzano/Bozen, Dolomites in Belluno, Ripa in Brunico/Bruneck and Corones on Plan de Corones/Kronplatz!

Around Christmas time the spa town appears romantically lit and Christmas scents fill the air. The stalls in the centre offer hand-carved artefacts, refined Christmas decoration and of course spicy hot wine and sweet baked goods.