Vinotherapy – Health in one complete package

Traditional treatment re-interpreted

It is not really any wonder that the health and beauty sector discovered vinotherapy for itself at the start of the nineties. After all, for affluent, middle-aged ladies the secret of silky soft skin and a radiant complexion lay in grapeseed oil. Hence the fine fruit of the vine was once again scientifically examined. And studies have confirmed that grapeseeds contain substances that are health-promoting and counter cellular damage. Grapes are true anti-ageing darlings!

Vinotherapy incorporates external and internal applications. This natural cosmetic is used for your baths, exfoliation treatments, packs and massages;  grapeseed, peels, juice and pomace contain active ingredients that promote health, beauty and well-being. This external treatment is complemented by grapeseed extract in the diet. Exquisite dishes are created using grapeseed flour and  grapeseed oil. The good news for all wine-lovers: a glass of good red wine is part and parcel of a successful treatment.

For all those of you who are now curious about the result of theses fascinating treatments, here is a fact for you – vinotherapy promotes blood flow, stimulates circulation and fat metabolism, strengthens the immune system and is a balm for your skin

Be convinced by the wonderful potent effect of vinotherapy. We look forward to giving you advice to accompany you through the pleasure of this unique treatment form.



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