Natural treatment - wellness in South Tyrol is one-of-a-kind

When you see Vinoble written anywhere, that is a sure sign of quality

Vinoble is more than just the name of a product range. Vinoble incorporates wine and care. And what is it that is special about a treatment with Vinoble? This exclusive product range uses a special extract, that, in contrast to standard grape seed extracts, contains up to 95% OPC – the most sought-after antioxidant from grapes. This active ingredient in its finest quality is only processed by one natural resource company in the world.

Only the best is good enough for our passionate endeavours for our guests' well-being. Wellness & relaxation in our well-being hotel in Schenna are defined by products from TEAM DR JOSEPH - high-tech natural cosmetics. During your wellness holiday in South Tyrol enjoy a completely new and innovative kind of skin care.

Der Weinmesser's certified products which are unique in terms of quality bring together cosmetics, high-tech, nature and aesthetics and have an effect that can be felt is immediately. At the same time, these first-rate products epitomise respectful and sustainable conduct with nature, which is very important to us.

Wine and nourishment blend harmoniously in Der Weinmesser. Let us attentively take care of your needs and feel the effect of grape-based cosmetics from Vinoble and the high-quality cosmetics from nature by TEAM DR JOSEPH.

Lie back and enjoy well-being for yourself!

Find balance between
power and relaxation


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