Wine Hotel in South Tyrol – Reviews

What Others Say about Our hotel Der Weinmesser in Scena/Schenna

The 1st Wine Hotel in South Tyrol has impressed a great many visitors and guests. We are proud to say that nearly every single review is full of praise for us and our team. We are very glad that others, too, are enthousiastic about our concept and that again and again we manage to create unique gourmet moments for you in the only true wine hotel in South Tyrol.

Cheers! To your health!

“This is a very cosy hotel with an all-around theme of wine. The staff is wonderful, and we enjoyed our room with a fabulous view over the valley and mountains.” | Stefanie, Tripadvisor

“Der Weinmesser is a very nice hotel with friendly staff attending to your every wish.” | Tripadvisor

“This hotel is sensational. Food was great for breakfast and outstanding for dinner.” | Tripadvisor

“Der Weinmesser is a fantastic, small, full-service hotel. The rooms we had were large with balconies and views over the valley, city, and mountains – just wonderful!” | Anders, Tripadvisor