Der Weinmesser – Impressions from the Hotel

Because Pictures Tell Simply More

In Der Weinmesser pictures are not only captured by pressing a button, but, due to the intense flavours, they are also captured directly in your head. For instance, when you close your eyes, when the scent of a fine wine tickles your nose, when you taste the lovely richness and the multi-faceted notes are pleasing to your palate. You may start dreaming of exotic lands or – you may simply open your eyes and enjoy the moment, a glass of wine in your hands in the pleasant atmosphere of the Hotel Der Weinmesser and around you: fantastic views over Merano and Environs.

In our photo and video gallery you get a first impression of your f/wine-time during your holiday. Wine tastings, seminars, vineyard walks and many more events with wine as the major theme are waiting for you!